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.43 Cal T4E Inert Powder Training Rounds, 11 count Tube (10 tubes)

 .43 Caliber Power filled T4E training balls. Ten Tube of  Powerballs  
10 - 11ct Tube of .43 caliber powder Balls 

These balls are made from completely inert materials and have a hard outer shell which breaks open to release a powder core on impact. This means that both the shell and dust can simply be hoovered up if required and are therefore great for force on force and force on target training where no mess can be left.

These Powder Balls yield peak performance to work in all .43 caliber markers under all conditions of use. 

The Powder Ball was designed to be non-penetrating and is intended to distribute its impact force over a wide surface area. Upon impact the outer shell breaks, deploying a dry chalk like powder. The Powder ball delivers a painful impact and a visual effect of exploding powder. Intended to be a non-lethal bear, ungulate, or other large animal deterrent, delivering a unpleasant experience with out penetration or injury. 

They were formulated to improve accuracy, functionality, and reliability. Works with .43 caliber paintball pistols and .43 caliber paintball rifles.

Powder Marking .43 caliber Powderballs! 
Revolutionary ammunition for all .43 caliber/11mm markers. Features a waterproof biodegradable shell and high visibility, and a non-toxic, non-staining powder fill.  Creates a cloud of 'dust' on impact!  Unlike normal Paintballs, these Powderballs can be stored and used in extreme temperatures (unlike Paintballs!). 11 per Tube.  Two-tone green and yellow shell.

This item is intended solely for use by responsible individuals. 


These will  work with .43 caliber markers.

.43 Cal T4E Inert Powder Training Rounds, 11 count Tube (10 tubes)

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