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20% PAVA REFILL KIT - Red/Black Balls 40X HOT Animal Deterent

Home Defense .68 cal Pepper Ball Refill Kit 

Sabre and Byrna LE Home Defense Pepper Ball Launcher Refill Kit 20 LIVE 0.68 Pepper Powder Balls 20% PAVA and 3 - High Grade 12g C02 Cartridges

Projectile Refill Kit for  Sabre Home Defense Launcher and 

Byrna LE Launchers and other 68 cal launchers


This kit was designed for the SABRE and Byrna LE  self-defense launchers. 

Kit comes with 20 - Pepper Projectiles 

These are  20% PAVA Pepper rounds.

Shell 100% biodegradable. 



Pepper Powder 20% PAVA Pepper 


CO2: 3-High-Grade CO2 12g CARTRIDGES

Home Defense .68 cal Pepper Ball 20 Rounds Refill Kit 20% PAVA Red/Black

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