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Product name: Aluminum ball  43 caliber

Product specifications: 0.43 INCH / 11mm

Product grade: 1000

Product Material: Pure Aluminum solid

Weight: 1.8 grams

Use: T4E Pistols  and others .43 caliber less lethal launchers

Product characteristics: industrial pure aluminum, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, high conductivity, good thermal conductivity, low strength,  gas welding as well as many other uses.


These are for self protection ,Less lethal rounds .43 cal These projectiles are extremely dense and designed for maxim impact and distance. They can be reused  thousands of times just pick them up rinse off and reuse and dry them, making them a cost effective training round.


These are for practice target shooting and possible home defense against intruders or animal attacks. They work in all .43 cal. paintball guns and less lethal launchers, They are reusable,  will not deform. Will not rust.

240 - 0.43 caliber Aluminum Ball Pure Al Solid Balls

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