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P2P T4E .68 Caliber Pepper Ball - 10 Count 30X HOT (15% Capsaicin) Maximum payload rounds.

Worlds Hottest pepper round.

This item contains 10 rounds of .68 caliber Pepper Balls containing 15% Capsaicin. 


10 - 15% Capsaicin Pepper rounds 30 times hotter than a stanadard pepper round. 

They are Less Lethal personal protection rounds.

Use only for Self-protection or protection of others. 

Keep away from children 

Misuse may cause serious injury or death.


P2P T4E .68 Caliber Pepper Ball - 10 Count

30X HOT (15% Capsaicin) 

Maximum payload rounds


Effectively stops attackers and trespassers without the use of lethal force.

Includes ten .68 caliber pepper rounds red/blue shell


These are 30 times hotter than standard pepper rounds, factory made perfect round and smooth for greater distance.


Ideal for military, police, private security and crowd control dispersal and incapacitation.

Pepper rounds are specially designed for the use with .68 caliber paintball markers and less lethal launchers.
Precision made for improved accuracy, functionality, and reliability.



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.68 CALIBER Pepper Balls 30X Pepper rounds Military Grade 10 rds.

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