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Bear Scare Pepper powder (PAVA) Repellent for .68 cal paintball gun or self defense device.

Bear Scare at 40 times stronger than standard pepper powder ball.

0.68 cal Bear Scare Pepper Rounds. 20%  PAVA


Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, and country living to protect from possible bear attacks. Must be shot at bear through a 68 caliber paintball marker/pistol not included. Effective range 50 ft.

Safe for the environment as it does not contain flammable or ozone deleting substances 100% biodegradable.

New & unused in an unsealed tube

Not to be used on humans Has been tested on Black Bears. Does not need to make direct contact, dust powder generated by impact will disperse 15 to 20 feet. The sound of impact on a tree and the cloud of dust will also frighten the bear.

Bear Scare .68 cal deterent 1000 Rounds

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