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.43 Caliber Empty Plastic Paintball Shell (1000 pcs), halves press tight together

Empty Plastic Paintball Shell (.43 caliber projectiles) (1000) – paintballs

New and Improved shells they snap together no glue required.

These are designed to work in a standard .43 caliber paintball marker.

Fill your own paintball projectiles by using Empty Paintball Shells.
Empty paintball shells are for .43 caliber rounds and are designed for creating a paintball projectile filled with anything you want liquid, powder or semi solid material. 

The shells are a lightweight plastic that come in two halves and snap together once filled with content. Upon impact, the shells shatter causing your content to deploy on target just like a regular .43 caliber paintball.
With Empty Paintball Shells, you can create your own custom paintball projectile! Be creative with what you fill your empty shells with. Use baby powder, jelly, or any material that you would like to use. 

These are for your use and not for field use, Hunters can fill them with buck scent, you can use buck scented paintball shells to groom a hunting area from a distance without contaminating the scene.

Once filled press the two halves together (M AND F halves) be sure that the two joining parts are clean to assure a good fit excessive file on the male or female sections will cause the halves not to interlock properly, and will not fit in marker.


Empty Paintball Shells are also used as a special effect in movies when filled with red dye or inert powder. What will you fill your shells with? 

Empty Plastic shells Blue 1000 count

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