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The BFG EBR paintball marker is Inspire's top of the line gun. The EBR includes plenty of accessories so it's ready to perform multiple functions as well as enhanced performance. Just like the rest of Inspire's line up, the EBR is sturdy, lightweight and easy to operate and maintain - making it a great beginner's gun.The BFG EBR paintball gun features a 16 inch barrel with realistic HK handgaurd covered with rails for more customization options later. The gun also comes with a vertical grip containing a retractable bipod. The EBR also features a multi-position car stock.Keep the stock small and use the vertical grip for waist level shooting as an SMG. You can change the EBR into a sniper in a snap! Extend the stock and spread the bipod feet for steady precision sniping.The EBR also comes with a 30 mm red dot sight mounted offset with an adaptor. This way the view through the site is sure to be clear of the hopper. Making it even more realistic, the BFG EBR also comes with an elastic sling with quick release.Remember, the base of the EBR is the Inspire BFG, so its main features are the same; multiple trigger options (including full auto), low operating pressure, ventura style bolt and much more.Whether you're just starting paintball or a seasoned veteran, the Inspire BFG EBR tactical paintball marker is a great choice.Features    Up to 22 bps in semi auto mode    Up to 15 bps in full auto and burst mode    Industry standard 7/8" threaded barrel    Venturi style bolt to allow the use of the most brittle paintballs    Low pressure operation to reduce kick and noise    Breakbeam eyes that eliminate ball breaks    One button operation to toggle eyemodes and on/off    Adjustable spring return trigger    Dual ball detents    Low profile feedneck    Industry standard stocks fit    175 psi operating pressure    Hidden battery door    Two different size barrel stabilizers    One piece metal receiver from barrel to bottomline    Composite lightwei

Inspire BFG V2 EBR Paintball Marker - Black

$419.00 Regular Price
$377.10Sale Price
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