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The BFG MP is Inspire's version of one of the most popular military rifles in history, the HK. This gun is commonly used by law enforcement because of it's versatility; the folding stock makes it ideal for a quick conversion to a sub machine gun for close quarter/room clearing action.The Inspire BFG MP is not only a great weapon for tactical paintballing and law enforcement/military training exercises, it's so light, sturdy and easy to use, it also makes a fantastic beginner gun for someone just starting to play paintball.The BFG MP has an authentic HK style handguard and front site. It also features the classic HK style folding stock. The BFG MP is built on the BFG as a base, so it's got the same great features.The one piece metal receiver makes the BFG able to withstand serious beatings over and over again. The rails on the BFG are still open on the MP to attach any type of awesome tactical accessory you can find. This gun looks great with an offset sight or laser mounted on the side for pin point target acquisition.The BFG also features a low profile feedneck and a stock electronic trigger. A simple flick of the switch gives you semi automatic, three round burst or fully automatic power. The BFG boasts up to 22 bps in semiautomatic mode and 15+bps in full automatic or burst mode.For a tactical marker, the Inspire BFG operates at a very low pressure (175psi) reducing kick, noise and making it easier on gentle paint. The BFG also uses a Venturi style bolt and breakbeam eyes - also greatly reducing/eliminating ball breaks.For the money, the Inspire BFG AR is a great bargain - you're getting a lot of paintball gun for very little money! Also check out the other great Inspire models - they will surely Inspire your game!Features    Up to 22 bps in semi auto mode    Up to 15 bps in full auto and burst mode    Industry standard 7/8" threaded barrel    Venturi style bolt to allow the use of the most brittle paintballs    Low pressure operation to redu

Inspire BFG V2 Paintball Marker - Black

$269.00 Regular Price
$242.10Sale Price
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